1. When you are added to a Office 365 Group you will receive an email asking you to join looking something like this:

2. Click on the link in the bottom left that says, "Stay on the same page. Groups that take notes together stay together, in the group notebook." or something similar.

3. It may bring you to a login page. Please login with your BAE email account and password.

Note: Anytime you login to Office 365 you will see the BAE branding to help distinguish between a real O365 login and a possible phishing attempt.

4. After you have logged in it will take you to the OneNote web app. You are now able to add content and edit to your group OneNote notebook.

5. If you would like to add this notebook to your OneNote application locally on your computer, go to your Applications folder and double click on the OneNote application to open it.

6. When OneNote has opened go to  File -> Open Recent

7. You should now see the notebook you just joined. Double click on it and OneNote will start syncing and loading your new notebook into the application.

Once synced it will look like this:

OneNote is now ready to use on your computer.