1. Open up the OneNote application on your computer. Click on File in the menu bar at the top left of your screen and then New Notebook.

Note: Notebooks should only be created this way for personal use, not for teams such a Scheduling, Divisions, or Regions. If you need one created for a team or similar please let Support@baetherapy.com know and it will be setup for you.

2. Pick a color and name for your new notebook. The Where dialog box it should say OneDrive - Behavior and Education. Then select Create.

3. You have now created a new notebook. To share it with someone select the Share icon at the top right. Then insert the email address of those you would like to share it with and click Send.

Note: Notebooks can only be shared to a valid BAE email address.

4. Those additional users will receive an email asking them to join your OneNote notebook. If they need help on how to access it please have them reference this short tutorial to get it going.

Accessing an existing OneNote notebook.