1. Open your web browser and direct it to https://cp.intermedia.net. It should look something like this.

2. Click on the For Users tab at the top left and then the My Services tab. Enter your login info that was sent to you in your welcome email.

Note: If you have already changed your password from the default one, like when setting up Anymeeting previously for example, you will need to enter your current password instead.

3. You may be prompted to change your password. Re-enter the default password and a new one of your choosing. Please make sure it is a "Strong" password or it may not let you proceed.

4. To setup your voicemail PIN select Voice Services at the bottom left.

5. Next click on Voicemail and PIN at the bottom left.

6. Here you can change your PIN and set how you would like to receive voicemail notifications. When done click on Save to finish.

7. To setup up your voicemail greeting you will need to know your direct phone number, extension (if calling from a different phone), and voicemail PIN. This is available in the previous window.

8. You will be prompted to enter your PIN. Next press 3 for Personal Options. Press 1 to record your voicemail message.

9. To get a list of the available extensions please download and install the Intermedia Unite application for your Mac from here. There will also be an updated list in Dropbox shared with you. It is located in the BAE Phone List folder. If you need access please email support@baetherapy.com.

10. Once the application is installed login with the same information as before in this process.

11. The number pad icon on the left will show you everyone with a phone and their extension.

The Unite application can also allow you to start or join a video conference. For more information on the please visit the Anymeeting FAQ.

If you have any questions on setting up your phone, the Unite application, or anything else please reach out to: support@baetherapy.com