1. From the Home screen go to Settings and then to Security

2. Click on Change Passcode. It will prompt you to enter your current passcode. The default code is 1111.

3. Enter and confirm your new passcode. Select Finish when done.

4. Back at the Home screen click on the Appstore. The device will need to be registered to use the Appstore. Click on the Register button.

5.  You will be prompted to create an account. Select your country. Next, fill out with your name, BAE email address, and a password. Select Create Account

6. Now that your account is created we are going to search for the Central Reach Go App. Click on the Search icon and type in Central Reach.

7. Click on the Central Reach GO app. Next click on Get/Download

8. Back at the Home screen, the CR Go app has been installed. Select it and login with your CR account and password. 

9. You will be prompted to create a 6 digit numeric passcode. Once created the CR Go app is ready to use. 

Here is a quick tutorial on how to use CR Go such as taking your calendar offline and collecting signatures.

Using CR Go.

If you have any question please contact Support@baetherapy.com