1. To connect people in Central Reach open you web browser and login to your account.

2.  Once at your Dashboard click on the Contacts icon and then down to Utilities & Tools.

3. Select the Connect Clients icon.

4. Type the name of the employee that that you want to connect in the first dialog box. Then type the name of the client in the second box.

Note: If the client isn't actively receiving services yet, you will need to have Include in-active checked as well.

5. Check the window next to the correct client and these options will appear. This will allow you to share only the required information. When Processing for an FBA the PM/Sup will need Client Admin permission, access to current and future Documents, Notes, Learning Trees, and Sessions. Authorizations will be left un-checked. Lastly check the box that we have consent to make this connection. It should look like this:

6. Select the Connect Contacts icon. A window will pop up confirming the precess has started. Usually it is completed in a few seconds but it can take 5-10 minutes if their network is experiencing a lot of traffic. 

7. If you want to check on the status of your connection there is a small window that pops up when in the Contacts module. It shows pending connections, disconnections, sharing actions that still need to be done that you have sent. Once it's at all 0's the connections will have been made.

That's it! If you have any questions on this please contact support@baetherapy.com.