Here are instructions on how to have an employee log into CR and fill out their iPad loan agreement. Everyone needs to have this filled out before they are given the iPad. The iPad lock screen code is 1357. 

1. Have them login to their CR account on the iPad by opening Chrome or Safari and going to There is a shortcut on the iPad in the Internet folder on the home screen.

2. Go to their dashboard and the click on My Profile tab at the top.

3. Select the Profile tab and then Notes and Forms at the bottom.

4. Click on Add New.

5. Do a text search for iPad. Select the iPad Mini - BAE Property Loan Agreement form.

6. Select Choose Myself as the Provider.

7. In the first red field please enter the serial number on the back of the iPad. It will be BAEXXXX. Next have them read each of the line items and check the boxes.

8. Next have them click on the Pen icon at the bottom right of the screen. This will prompt them to enter their name and write their signature. Once done click on Continue.

9. Now click on Save and Lock. The document should be saved. If there is an error saving, it's most likely that something isn't filled out. Review the document and make sure nothing is marked red.

10. Email the serial number and the user assigned to the iPad to

If you have any questions please reach out to