1. Open the AnyMeeting Application on your iPad.

Note: Your BAE email must be logged in the Outlook application to send out the meeting address to recipients. 

2. In the app click on Sign Up and in the next window enter your name, BAE email address, our work phone number (310-406-1500), and create a password. Complete the Captcha and click on Sign Up. You will get a conformation email sent to verify your account. Open your email and click on the link provided to activate your account.

3. Once your account has been activated open the AnyMeeting app again and login with the information you just provided. Here you can start or join a meeting. Click on the Start Meeting icon. 

4. At the bottom of your screen there are two icons that will enable and disable your camera and microphone. Please enable both of them. You should see yourself on screen if it's been activated and neither of the should be red. 

5. At the top there is an icon of a person the number 1 next to it. Click on that and then the three dots to the right. This will let you share your meeting and email the information for others to join. Click on Share Meeting Info.  Next click on Outlook to send it from your BAE email account.

6. In your email, it's very important to double-check that the URL is correct. It may mistakenly add a word at the end which would make the link you're sending unusable. Make sure that the meeting URL doesn't end with the word "Join". This is meant for joining by phone and needs to be separated. If it's all connected, place the cursor in just before the letter "J" and press the Enter key to create a new row. Enter in the client's email address and hit send. See the before and after below.

7. Once you send your email the recipient will just need to click on the link and open it in Chrome, or use the AnyMeeting app if on a mobile device.

If you have any questions please email Support@baetheapy.com.