There are two ways to join a Teams Telehealth session. If using a computer, by using a web browser or by installing the Teams application. The preferred method is to download and install the Teams application on your computer. You can find Windows and Mac versions hereIf using a web browser, only Chrome and Edge browsers are supported. Safari and Firefox are not supported. 

If using a mobile device you must download the App from either the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Browsers are not supported.

1. You should receive an email with a link like below. Please click anywhere on the text to go to the meeting.

2. If using a computer it will ask if you want to join via the Teams application or use your browser. Pick whichever you would prefer. If on a mobile device use the app.

3. Next you should see yourself on screen. At the bottom please make sure that your camera and microphone are enabled. Also right above that is where you can enter your name. Click on Join Now and the meeting host will get a notification that you're joining and the meeting should start right away.